Top One Pet Supplies Ltd. is committed to bringing the best all natural pet products from around the world to the pets in Asia. We believe that with a combination of healthy and balanced diets, love and care, dogs and cats will live longer, happier and healthier with their human companions.

Founded in 2004 with head office located in Hong Kong, we are the exclusive distributor of a number of highly acclaimed pet food recommended by The Whole Dog Journal.  We cover a vast retail network in Asia, thereby providing efficient and professional pet food marketing, education and distribution services. If you are a retailer or manufacturer interested in working with us, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

冠昇寵物用品有限公司致力於把來自世界各地最好的全天然寵物產品帶給亞洲的寵物。 我們相信結合健康和均衡的飲食,愛和關懷,寵物們會與他們的人類同伴一起活得更長壽,快樂和健康。

成立於2004年,我們獨家總代理被The Whole Dog Jorunal認同和讚譽的寵物食品。我們涵蓋了廣闊的零售網絡,提供高效率和專業寵物食品的營銷,教育和配送服務。如果你是一個零售商或製造商,有興趣與我們合作,請與我們聯繫